Holders of the Victoria Cross  

vc near parish church

John Hogan 08 Apr 1884 - 06 Oct 1943

Received the medal for recapturing a trench in Festubert,  France on 29 Oct 1914

He received shrapnel wounds to his eyes and face and eventually came home for treatment in Macclesfield General Infirmary.

A regular soldier who enlisted in 1902 with the South Lancashire Regiment who discharged him five weeks later saying he was not likely to be an efficient soldier, not deterred he joined the Manchester Regiment, in December of 1902, in the next ten years he served in South Africa and India before joining the Army Reserve in 1912.

He became a postman in Royton before rejoining the Manchesters' when war broke out and was promoted to Sergeant.

In 1996 his grave in Chadderton cemetery has now a commonwealth war gravestone.  In 2003 a blue plaque was unveiled near the Parish Church.  There is a postbox in his honour in Royton and a memorial stone in  Royton Park (see pictures).  Nationally he appeared on a cigarette card (Gallaher Ltd, The Great War - Victoria Cross Heroes No 195).  He will be appearing on a postage stamp soon.

walter mills

Walter Mills
22 Jun 1894 - 10 Dec 1917

Manchester Regiment C Company the 1/10th Battalion

Received the medal on the Western Front on 10 Dec 1917

He stayed his post after being caught in a gas attack and threw bombs until the enemy retreated.  He died from the poisoning.

thomas steele plaque

Thomas Steele  06 Feb 1891 - 11 Jul 1978

1st Batallion Seaforth Highlands

Received the medal near Sannai-y-Yat Mesopotamia (now Iraq) on 22 Feb 1917

He helped a comrade to carry a machine gun into position under heavy fire and kept the gun in action until relieved.  Severely injured, he recovered and after the war became a professional rugby player.